Past Members

Dave – Rhythm/Lead Guitar (2013-21)

Dave had his first taste of guitar at the the age of 3 when he had his picture taken strumming his uncle’s acoustic guitar. Little did he know, that 24 years later he would be treading the boards as a rhythm guitarist like his his hero, Rick Parfitt of Status Quo.

Before Heathen, Big Dave, as he is known, was a rhythm/lead guitarist in local band Steel Flint, which gave him the chance to do what he loves, playing guitar. Other than being an avid Ipswich Town and Status Quo fan, Dave also loves dabbling in drumming as he started drumming before becoming a guitarist. Here’s hoping Heathen are here to stay as Dave wants to live the dream and be a guitarist for a long while. Rock’n’Roll!

Dave used and highly recommended Fender guitars, Gibson Guitars, Marshall amplification and Shure in-ear monitors. Also, Dave recommends PMT (Professional Music Technology) in Cambridge and Norwich for all needs in musical equipment.

Boli – Bass Guitar (2013-21)

Boli has been playing Bass since the age of 15, starting in school bands with friends just making some noise. In the 10 years of playing he has been in various different cover bands and original bands, playing pubs and clubs, festivals, and the Ipswich Regent.

Now a part of the Heathen family, he is rocking as hard as ever!

Boli used Warwick Basses , DR Strings, Ashdown Amps and Shure in-ear monitors.

John – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals (2013-19)

John (our Northern lad) has been playing guitar since the age of 10. His early influences were driven by self contained acoustic playing such as Tommy Emanuel and John Denver, but he was soon to discover Michael Schenker, UFO, Scorpions etc, therefore an electric guitar was essential!!

John has played in most towns and cities in the UK over the years and enjoyed over 20 years playing the Manchester music scene. He attempted to retire in 2000 but after 6 years found the lure of playing live again too strong to ignore. “playing guitar has always been a very important part of my life, and I am enjoying it again now as much as ever”

John used Marshall amplification, Line 6 pedals, Fender guitars, Gibson Guitars and Shure in-ear monitors.