The Band

By HeathenAdmin

Greg – Lead Vocals

Greg can literally say he grew up with music in his blood. At an early age his parents would be out gigging in local pubs and Greg would be there, usually asleep under a table on a Friday and Saturday night!

With this upbringing so engrained it was inevitable he would eventually become the lead singer of a rock band and Heathen are that band. Greg has wanted to do this for years and it’s taken quite a few to get there, but now things have never looked better and he can hardly wait until the next gig!

Greg uses Shure Microphones and ACS custom in-ear monitors.

You can contact Greg by email or on instagram


Steve – Drums

Steve started playing the drums at the age of 6. Back then his drum kit was made from upturned Ice Cream Tubs! After getting a “Real” drum kit on turning 15 he played for various band’s, did a few local gigs but it never came to much. Back now with his Brother and fellow “Heathen’s” the childhood dream has become a reality, with gig’s as far afield as Brandon, maybe next year Heathen could be taking on the world!!

Steve uses Tama Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Evans Drum Heads , ProMark Drum Sticks , DrumDial Precision Drum Tuners , LP Percussion, Roland Hybrid Drums and Shure in-ear monitors. (freebies from any of these companies would make him a very happy drummer!!)

You can contact Steve by email or on instagram


Alex- Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Alex is the the newest member of the band and twin brother to Jack. Alex brings a whole new dimension and influences which will inspire our song choices going forward.

Alex uses Gretsch Basses, Ashdown Amps and Shure in-ear monitors.

You can contact Alex by email



Dave – Rhythm/Lead Guitar and Keyboards

Dave had his first taste of guitar at the the age of 3 when he had his picture taken strumming his uncle’s acoustic guitar. Little did he know, that 24 years later he would be treading the boards as a rhythm guitarist like his his hero, Rick Parfitt of Status Quo.

Before Heathen, Big Dave, as he is known, was a rhythm/lead guitarist in local band Steel Flint, which gave him the chance to do what he loves, playing guitar. Other than being an avid Ipswich Town and Status Quo fan, Dave also loves dabbling in drumming as he started drumming before becoming a guitarist. Here’s hoping Heathen are here to stay as Dave wants to live the dream and be a guitarist for a long while. Rock’n’Roll!

Dave uses and highly recommends Fender guitars, Gibson Guitars, Marshall amplification and Shure in-ear monitors. Also, Dave recommends PMT (Professional Music Technology) in Cambridge and Norwich for all needs in musical equipment.

You can contact Dave by email or on twitter or on instagram


Jack – Rhythm/Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Jack is well established now as a key member of the team following in the footsteps of his father John he has the potential for amazing things and brings a new edge of youth and fresh ideas to the band.

Jack uses Marshall amplification, Line 6 pedals, Fender guitars, Gibson Guitars and Shure in-ear monitors.